Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking
Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking

Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking

Trip Price US$ 999 US$ 399 Per Person
Duration 5 Days
Group Discounts
1 Pax. US$ 749 PP
2-4 Pax. US$ 649 PP
5-7 Pax. US$ 549 PP
8-10 Pax. US$ 499 PP
11-14 Pax. US$ 439 PP
Over 15 Pax. US$ 399 PP
Trip Duration 5 Days
Group Size 2-16 People
Maximum Altitude 2,175 m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons March, April, May - Sep, Oct, Nov.

Trip Highlights of Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking

  • Experience the splendor of Kathmandu’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Enjoy the atmosphere and culture of the Newari inhabitants of Bhaktapur
  • Taste the delectable native cuisine and beverages
  • Appreciate the magnificence of Nagarkot and the panoramic view of Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, and numerous summits and valleys.
  • Endure an exciting 4-hour trek from Changunarayan to Nagarkot, passing through the peaceful hamlet, lush flora, and verdant hills.

Overview of Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking

Kathmandu tour package with a short hike blends the splendor of the capital city’s culture with the unique exhilaration of the adjacent highlands. This quick adventure will save you time and let you take in the most incredible moments in the valley. The five days of exploration will take you to Kathmandu’s historical monuments.

After the tour, there will also be a short hike to Nagarkot, where one can experience the delightful ambiance of the Alpine region and meet the natives to discover more about their culture and traditions. The beauty of historical cities like Bhaktapur and Lalitpur adds an incredible sensation to this expedition, allowing visitors to engage in various sightseeing activities.

The Kathmandu tour package covers exploring historical and cultural monuments

The Kathmandu tour package of the picturesque valley reveals diverse cultural and historical treasures. Traversing from the city’s hustle and bustle and entering the heritage will offer you a dazzling, serene ambiance and positive energy, making it an ideal choice for your Kathmandu tour package.

These sites’ architecture reflects the magnificent heritage and history of the numerous religious groups. Pashupatinath is a central Hindu temple in the globe where people from all over the world come to worship Lord Shiva and other gods and goddesses.

Also, the reverent atmosphere of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath imparts the same energy with complete delight when exploring it. Furthermore, the serene Bhaktapur and Patan’s vintage ambiance further enhances the exploration’s appeal. Interacting with local people and meeting them while understanding a wide range of subjects about local artistic endeavors will be fantastic.

In the Kathmandu tour package, engaging with local people and conversing about a wide array of local artistic pursuits will be a fantastic way to enrich your experience. This interaction will add depth and authenticity to your journey through the valley’s cultural and historical treasures.

The elegance of Nagarkot

As part of the Kathmandu tour package, the short hike from Kathmandu to Nagarkot offers a wide range of scenery. From Nagarkot, one may take in the panoramic view of the entire region, from the white, snowy Himalayas in the north to the southern lowlands.

The trek begins in Changunarayan and brings you to the stunning flora of the Alpine highlands. The weather will keep switching as you ascend to a higher altitude. The four-hour trek will take you to the lovely town of Nagarkot. One may enjoy stunning views of Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, and Lantang RI from Nagarkot.

Itinerary of Kathmandu Tour Package with Short Hiking

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

This is the arrival day and the first day of your Kathmandu tour package with short hiking. On this day, Kathmandu, the city of temples, greets you with a vibrant atmosphere. After flying across the verdant valleys of south-central Nepal, the aircraft will land you at Tribhuvan International Airport. Following that, our tour representative will meet you at the airport and drive you to the hotel where you will spend the night.

Pashupatinath temple
Pashupatinath temple
Car 30 minutes
Accommodation 3-Star Hotel
Meals Dinner
Altitude 1437m.
Day 02: Full Day Sightseeing in ktm Boudhanath, Pashupati, Syambhunath, Ktm Durbar Square

With the heartening breakfast, the new morning sets the tone for today’s tour. A private vehicle will be ready to drive us deep into Kathmandu outside the hotel. Our initial focus will be exploring UNESCO-listed sites, such as Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Swaymbhunath.

Each component of these heritages beautifully reflects the complete range of its own historical and cultural background. From dawn till dusk, worshippers will gather around these temples.

After our excursion, we’ll go to Kathmandu Durbar Square to take in the exciting architecture of the statues and structures erected by individuals from different moments. After the sightseeing activities are completed, the vehicle will transport us to the hotel for the night.

Devotees Circulating the holy Boudhanath Stupa on the occasion Buddha Purnima
Devotees Circulating the holy Boudhanath Stupa on the occasion of Buddha Purnima
Car 5 to 6 Hours
Accommodation 3-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast.
Altitude 1437m.
Day 03: Day Hiking to Nagarkot

A cab will whisk us away from Kathmandu’s buzz and bustle early in the morning. The cab will leave us at the lovely Changunarayan after crossing the Sano Thimi in Bhaktapur. Changunarayan Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the people’s most revered religious temples to this day.

The trek route will take you north, through the rich greenery of the gorgeous terrains, and up to Nagarkot in 4 hours. The natural beauty of Nagarkot will be memorable. The views of the lush valleys and undulating slopes with a clear view of Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, Langtang, and Annapurna will be stunning. The night at Nagarkot will be exciting with the beautiful night view of the stars and sparkling settlements.

Walking 3 to 4 hours
Accommodation 3-star Hotel
Meals Breakfast
Altitude 2175m.
Day 04: Nagarkot to Ktm Sightseeing Bhaktapur, Patan

Witnessing the sunrise from Nagarkot would be an incredible experience. Today, we will board a bus that travels directly to Bhaktapur. Following the meandering roadway of the luscious hills, the bus will let us off in Bhaktapur after about an hour of driving.

As part of our Kathmandu tour package, we will tour the adjacent pagoda-style temples at Bhaktapur and explore the picturesque Newari settlements. The elegance of Bhaktapur Durbar Square’s architecture would then draw us there to ponder its grandeur and beauty.

Observing the wooden carvings, structures, and crafts that make up this masterpiece will be fantastic. Our next activity will be to sample local newari dishes, including chapati, samayabajhi, and chaatamari. After our sightseeing tour in Bhaktapur, we will have a tour of Patan. With its stunning surroundings and architectural landmarks, Patan Durbar Square is the city’s primary draw.

Taking in the fantastic view of Patan Durbar Square, we will explore nearby temples covered with prayer flags and surrounded by ancient sculptures. In the evening, we’ll take a cab back to our hotel and spend the night.

Patan Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square
Car 5 to 6 hours
Accommodation 3-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast and Culture Dinner
Altitude 1437m.
Day 05: Departure

This is your leaving day from Nepal after completing the Kathmandu tour package. Once you have packed everything, our tour representative will drive you to the airport two hours before takeoff. After completing the ticketing and verification formalities, you will depart from Nepal with satisfaction.

Shree Gha Stupa Temple
Shree Gha Stupa Temple
Car 30 Minutes
Meals Breakfast.


What's Included?
  • All ground transportation with private vehicle.
  • Welcome dinner and farewell Nepali culture dinner.
  • Accommodation 3-Star category hotel in Kathmandu and Nagarkot.
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly tour guide.
  • All entrance fee.
  • All applicable government and local taxes.
What's Excluded?
  • International Air fare and Nepalese visa fee.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Personal expenses (like telephone calls, internet, laundry, soft drinks, beers, and any alcoholic beverages.)
  • Extra night in Kathmandu.
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu and Nagarkot.
  • Tips for the guide & driver.

What to expect on the Kathmandu tour package

The Kathmandu tour package fulfills your fantasy of exploring picturesque views with an indescribable experience on one of the most decorated valleys in the world.

For enthusiasts and a learner, this trip takes you to the world of nature, art, culture, belief, and many unimaginable experiences connecting you to the spiritual vibes of the city.

This trip lasts five long days, encountering the ground reality of the city. You will walk through the adventurous, rocky, and rough routes following some strange civilization of the Newar community, harness the beauty of the ancient history, and jump right into the cuisine prepared by local people.

This trip provides the fascinating experience of undergoing the cultural and religious heritages listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

The best part of the Kathmandu tour package is you will be hiking towards the beautiful viewpoint, Nagarkot, playing a hide-and-seek game with the raw creation of nature.

The vibe of the Kathmandu valley will make you so familiar that for five odd days, you will forget all your back life, enjoying and chilling with this spiritual valley of heaven.

This trip may be quite challenging for the introverted type of person at first instant, but after you go through the roots of this city, you won’t be able to stop yourself from living the time of your life.

Overall, the Kathmandu tour package includes all life forms, connecting you to the cultural, religious, spiritual, and natural aspects of Kathmandu Valley.

Best time/season for the Kathmandu Tour Package

Kathmandu lies at latitude 27.7172° N and longitude 85.3240° E, elevated at 1296 m, surrounded by giant hills and mountains from all sides. This beautiful land of heaven is ideal for exploration any month, irrespective of the season. The average annual temperature of the Kathmandu Valley is 18 degrees Celsius.

However, the temperature reaches 30-34 degrees Celsius in the hotter months and even leads to freezing temperatures during the colder months.

In some parts, Kathmandu Valley also gets affected by rainfall and flooding generally from July to September. But just a few hours of drizzle rainfall won’t ruin your excitement of witnessing the treasure this city holds for you.

Exploring the Kathmandu Valley is an enriching experience that can be enjoyed throughout the year. However, September to December stands out as an excellent time to visit this beautiful place.

During these months, visitors can enjoy the trip in dry weather, clear skies, many cultural and religious events, and optimal conditions for exploring historical assets.

Which is the prime season of the Kathmandu Tour for explorers?

Autumn is considered the most traffic-recorded season for exploring Kathmandu Valley. During these months, lots of international trekkers land their foot in the valley.

Finding the best hotel during these months is quite challenging. You may plan your trip as per your comfort. During the Autumn and Spring seasons, you will be experiencing all forms of Kathmandu life, from natural to spiritual.

Food, Accommodation, and Trasport on the Kathmandu tour package

Our Kathmandu tour package with short hiking will facilitate one of the most premium services you have ever experienced in this budget range. You will experience the best hotels, food, and lodging, along with musical nights available in the city.

You will also experience the taste of proper Newari, Thakali, and Pahadi cuisine available in the Kathmandu valley. It is said that Newari culture is the culture of foods serving the best kitchen in the country.

Dal-Bhat is considered the national dish of Nepal and will be served most of the time during lunch and dinner, along with pulses, seasonal vegetables, and sweets.

Nepalese-originated food like MOMO, Chowmein, and Thukpa, along with international meals like Pizza, burgers, etc., will be served as per your orders.

Our private car will receive you following a well-mannered, honest, and educated guide providing descriptive information about historical and ancient entities.

Kathmandu tour package includes the best three-star hotels that will serve you the best cuisine reflecting Nepalese life and culture.

You will be transported by our private car, and our guide staff will always guide and suggest the best view, ensuring proper safety and security.

How difficult will the trip be?

The difficulty is not even an option for the Kathmandu tour package as it’s an easy trip. If you are a true explorer, this trip is adventurous, fulfilling all your dreams of hiking and exploring one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Can I hike alone around Kathmandu Valley?

Yes, of course, yes! You can hike alone to these places per your comfort and desire. Trying the Himalayan’s beauty on your own will be very adventurous.

But with the increasing number of tourists, there is a very high chance of being scammed by scammers looting and blackmailing you in the name of services. Numbers of hikers have been priced highly in hotels, streets, and even in transportation. Taking a guide will certainly provide safety, ensuring the feel of homies in the town.

The distance from Sundarijal to Chasapani and Chisapamo to Nagarkot takes almost 6-7 long hours, which can be challenging for you in the first instance due to lots of suffering in finding the places you will be looking for.

The guide will also suggest the traditional food locations, save you time, and assist you with your best experience in Nepal.

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