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For tourists and travelers, one of many questions that arise while traveling to Nepal for trekking or other adventure tours is about Travel and Medical insurance. In the current era, there is a wide range of Insurance policies covering different aspects of one’s life. Likewise, there are companies that provide insurance policies for traveling abroad.

Nepal being the adventure travel destination, home of the massive Himalayas including Mt.Everest: makes it one of the most sought destinations for trekking and mountaineering holidays. When one thinks of traveling for adventure, then the risk is synonymous with the rewards of the vacation.

The government of Nepal has therefore made it mandatory for all adventure tourism adventures in the Himalayas. Thus if you’re seeking for traveling to Nepal in order to take any trekking, hiking, or mountaineering trips: then you are obliged to have a comprehensive Travel Insurance covering various aspects such as Emergency evacuation, Hospitalization, and other unfortunate events.

The rough geographical property of the Himalayas with varying weather makes the adventure destinations full of unpredictability. Natural disasters, accidents, rapid changes in weather causing heavy rainfall/snowfall, or other unfortunate events can ruin your adventure trip, causing it to be canceled or postponed.

Besides, the rising altitude and freezing cold weather can be hazardous to any traveler living in a more comfortable environment, with the chances of health deterioration including Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude Sickness. During a worst-case scenario, an immediate evacuation might be needed using the Helicopter services in order to transfer the victims to a safe place or nearest Hospitals.

Therefore Kabru Adventure Holiday recommends you to have all-covering Medical and Travel Insurance from your native provider along with a clear understanding of their policies. Once you are secure, you’ll not need to worry about enormous sums of expenditure that can arise due to any of the above-mentioned cases.

Moreover, Travel Insurance with Travel protection is better: as you never know if your trip needs to be canceled due to any unfortunate reason like missing a flight, leading to losing the money you paid for that particular trip. As the down payments made to Kabru Adventure Holiday are non-refundable it is our advice for you to be secure. For more information about Kabru Adventure Holiday’s Policies check here

List of Recommended Travel Insurance Companies Worldwide
For Canada and America

• Travel Guard

• World Nomads

• Mondial Assistance

• Travelex Insurance

• Travelite

For New Zealand and Australia

• Cover More

• Allianz

• World Nomads

For the United Kingdom

• Travel Guard UK

• World Nomads UK

• Direct Travel UK

• Essential Travel UK

For the rest of Europe

• Europe Assistance

• IHI Bupa

For Malaysia and Singapore

• AIG Travel Insurance

• Alpha Global Solutions

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