Nepal Visa Information

Nepal Visa Information

Visa Getting into Nepal

Before entering Nepal, you will require a Visa. For this, you can contact Nepali Diplomatic Missions in your respective country or your neighboring countries. However, Obtaining a Tourist Visa is a very easy process for Nepal as after 27th September 2021, the Government of Nepal resumed Visa Arrival Services after its suspension regarding the COVID crisis. For updated regulations, check here.

The visa obtained upon arrival at the entry and exit points is a “tourist visa”. They have multiple Reentrance facilities. The tourist visa is the only entry visa in Nepal. If you visit Nepal for other purposes than tourism (sightseeing, tourism, tourism, hiking, hiking, visiting friends and family), you should still get a “tourist visa” to enter the country. However, you must change the visa category from the Immigration Department and provide the required documentation based on your purpose and length of stay in Nepal.

To obtain Visa, follow these steps.

  • Fill in the International Travelers Form Online
  • For all your Visa Needs, you can visit the official portal of Immigration of the Government of Nepal
  • You will get a submission Receipt with a bar code. Please print it out and bring it along to acquire a visa.
  • It works for fifteen days and becomes invalid then after. If so, you will have to fill it up again.
  • Make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement ( 15/30/90 Days)
  • Get the receipt
  • Proceed to the Immigration Desk with your online form, payment receipts, and your passport
  • Hand in your documents to the immigration officer for visa processing. He/she will issue a visa to you upon his/her satisfaction.

Note: While you can use different modes of payment (at the visa fees collection counter), we advise you to carry some cash to be on the safe side.

On-Arrival Visa Fee

  • 15 Days – 25 USD
  • 30 Days – 40 USD
  • 90 Days – 100 USD


Entering Nepal is either by Flight or by Land. As a landlocked country, there are no direct means of sea or ocean transport. Thus the most convenient way to enter Nepal is via flight or land transport.

Air Travel (International Flight)

The best way to enter Nepal is via the Tribhuwan International Airport. TIA is the only operational airport for international flights. However, several other regional International Airports in Pokhara, Bhairahawa, are under construction and are supposed to start operation soon. However, there are several airlines that have regular flights to TIA Nepal.

Qatar Airways
Kathmandu – Doha
Gulf Air
Kathmandu- UAE
Air China
Austrian Airlines
Kathmandu- Vienna
Indian Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Nepal Airlines
Kathmandu- Hong Kong, New Delhi, Shanghai, Middle East,
Thai Airways
Kathmandu- Bangkok

*Note: Since the COVID situation, there may have been some changes regarding regular flights.

Land Entry

As a landlocked country, Nepal is surrounded by China on the north and India on the east, south, and west. If you want to enter Nepal by land, you can get into India and Tibet. From Tibet, you have to cross the border at Kodari and take a bus to Kathmandu. It is about a 7-8 hours drive to reach Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

If you are entering from India, the most convenient way is from Gorakhpur -Sunauli/Belahiya border, and then takes a bus to your destination. However, there are multiple entry points. Among these, Kakadvitta, Birgunj, Taulihawa, Gaddachauki, Jhulaghat, and Darchula are the major entry points.

For more details, you can reach us any time. We are always at your service.