About Us

About Us

In Kabu Adventure Holidays, we recognize that traveling is far from just visiting a new place; instead, it is a chance to indulge oneself in local tradition, experience a unique aspect of life, and make meaningful relationships and connections with businesses and people all around.

Hence our trekking packages are carefully crafted to provide the appropriate balance of nature, culture, and adventure, ensuring clients have the most fun they have.

The adventure is designed for everyone; whether you like to be on the cusp of cold, snowy Himalayas, amid the city lights of Kathmandu valley, or want to hang out with the wildlife in the jungle safari of Chitwan, there is always something for everyone.

Along with the individual package, you can contact us if you want fantastic deals on complete cultural or religious tours all over Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan.

We understand it is essential to take a break, escape from the shackles of the daily routine, and travel around to broaden our horizons and discover ourselves. Kabru Adventure Holidays is committed to a long-lasting relationship with the clients and ensure there will be no opportunity for complaint.

Our Mission

Our mission at Kabru Adventure Holidays is to provide guests with the most memorable adventure experience while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices.
Our company attempt to offer a unique and authentic tourism experience that will allow our clients to grow closure to culture and nature and discover themselves even more.

We aim to be a socially responsible company that contributes positively to society and the local community we participate in. We also openly work towards protecting and awareness of Nepal’s cultural and natural resources.

Our Vision

Kabru Adventure Holidays envision becoming a leading travel company in Nepal and worldwide. We hope to be recognized for our commitment to responsible tourism and sustainability and to providing appropriate customer satisfaction.

Kabru Adventures hope to continuously improve and innovate our services and products while maintaining high standard quality, environmental production, and providing safety to our guests. We aspire to be an organization that empowers and inspires our clients to explore Nepal’s natural beauty and diversity and encourages preserving culture and tradition.


Why travel with us?

Safety First

Our first motto is the safety of our valued customers. We take every precaution needed for your safety to avoid problems or hassles while enjoying your adventure. We use strict safety protocols, reliable and high-quality equipment, and a highly experienced crew to ensure you are in safe hands.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Our staff and guides are experienced, highly trained, and possess knowledge and passion for traveling with our guests. Each guide staff in our team has expertise in the particular trekking/tour routes. Also, the staff treats our guests as their family so that you will have some of the most fun interactions and tour experiences with us.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Another main reason to tour/trek with us is our belief in a safe and eco-friendly environment. Our primary mission is to minimize our effect and impact on the environment and be committed to the responsible tourism industry. We support every eco-friendly practice and join forces with local people or concerned authorities to ensure our tour is beneficial and sustainable.

Reasonable Group

We operate trips with reasonable group sizes during our trek and tours, creating friendliness and compassion among our staff and guests. The sizes vary from 2-12 people to provide appropriate attention and detail to everyone involved.

Open Door Policy

At Kabru Adventure Holidays, we believe in transparency and honesty, so there won’t be any hidden fees or extra service charges. Our guests will have the full right to choose the package and services, along with the choice to add or eliminate any option in the packages. We provide an optimum payment program and a reasonable refund policy as well.

Hence, we encourage you to join Kabru Adventure holidays and get the best experience of your life with a friendly and experienced crew you will never forget. We invite you to join us as a permanent Kabru Adventure Holidays family member.